The ground encounter is one of the most dangerous encounters a person will face. Being knocked to the ground and having to fight for your life is something that you can just “figure out when it happens”. You must be ready and prepared. Learning how to fight and win on the ground is the objective of this class. Not only will you learn how to ground fight, you will also learn effective takedowns to give you the upper hand against an attacker.

This class is designed to push your physical limits through constant training against different body types. We train for situations ranging from how to get someone off of you, to locating and attacking vulnerable areas, and to getting up and out of there as soon as possible under duress. The key to ground fighting on the street is firstly survival and then following a close second is getting back to your feet where you have more tools and options available to you.

Regarding the common attacker and their methods – we will always assume that they either have friends close by that will interfere and will try to hold or kick and punch you, or they may be able to produce a weapon concealed in their clothing or simply grab a close-by object and use it to hit you. With this in mind, one should never to go to the ground voluntarily. However, if it does go there, you want to be prepared. You want to have Ground Combatives.