Be Fit Personal Training

Be Fit Personal Training offers various personal training programs to meet your specific fitness requirements. We have partnered with Centex Combatives, with its convenient Pflugerville location, as our primary training location.

Designed for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels of fitness, Be Fit Personal Training focuses on increasing endurance and stamina through many types of cardiovascular exercises. Flexibility is also a focus. Through personal one on one fitness sessions, Be Fit Personal Training will help you develop the body you desire. An all-around fitness program will be designed based on your current physical condition and previous exercise activity.



In our boxing class, all levels of experience are welcome! From beginners and amateur competitors to professional fighters, everyone will receive technical instruction as well as the great workout you would expect from training in a professional boxing gym. You will work with focus mitts and heavy bags, along with ab-work and conditioning to improve your speed and power. As a beginner, you will be guided through your stance and basic movement, ensuring a solid foundation. This class is 45 minutes long with an average calorie burn of 750.

Beast Mode Strength & Conditioning

This class is an all-around strength and conditioning program that combines weight-lifting, functional bodybuilding, gymnastics, and cardiovascular efforts to improve your fundamental skills of strength, speed, power, endurance, and balance to help you get strong, move better and feel fantastic.  Expect to squat, push, pull, run, and row. This class is suitable for all fitness levels.

Personal Training

60-Minutes Sessions
30-Minutes Sessions
Partner Sessions

Small Group Training (SGT)

Maximum 4 People/Session
60-Minutes Sessions
30-Minutes Sessions

TRX Small Group Training

Maximum 3 People/Sessions
30-Minutes Sessions
60-Minutes Sessions